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The Bowtech procedures are taught in seven modules, each 16 classroom hours long. The modules must be taken in sequence because each one reviews and builds on what was taught previously. These modules are generally taught in two consecutive days each, over a period of six months or more, with a maximum of two modules taught back-to-back.

The last seminar, "Module 7," is a thorough assessment of the material taught in the first six modules. Requirements for taking Module 7 include satisfactory completion of the written assessments and case study requirements at Modules 3 through 6, and waiting at least one month after Module 6.

The content of each module is standard in every country where BTAA-accredited instructors teach. This means that you can travel and study with any combination of BTAA-accredited instructors and be assured that you will have learned the same procedures as all of your classmates, regardless of their previous instructors.

Become A Bowen Practitioner Every module includes:
  • Demonstration of each procedure, with detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks
  • Explanation and discussion of the procedures and indications for their use
  • Detailed notes, with photographs and anatomical diagrams
  • Extensive supervised hands-on practice, with feedback from the instructor(s)
  • Ample review of procedures taught in previous modules

Practical and written assessments, with individual feedback, are given in Modules 3 through 6. You will also be required to submit written case studies (a total of ten) in those modules; and you will receive feedback from the instructor on your choice of procedures, the amount of work done, and other aspects of your work as indicated in your reports.

Module 7 is a full two-day assessment by a senior instructor, covering all procedures and aspects taught in the first six modules. Accreditation as a practitioner requires passing the Module 7 assessment and submitting proof of three additional requirements:

  • A recognized qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (100 - 120 hours in most countries)
    It is 180 hours in India as per Australian standards.
  • Experience running a business and a minimum of 36 hours of business education.
  • A current First Aid and/or CPR certificate is necessary.

A log book of 100 clinical hours with case studies has to be completed.

Ten case studies have to be submitted by module 7 in order for the diploma of proficiency to be awarded by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

The practitioner is able to practice based on the above.

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Advance Learning

Module 8 is a reassessment of all the above modules consisting of 16 hours. Mod 9 is specialised unit 1 (SPB1)of advance Bowen procedures-16 hours Mod 10 is assessment (written and practical) of mod 9-16 hours A log book of 50 clinical hours is to be completed for specialised advance level. A certificate is awarded on satisfactory performance by Bowen therapy Academy of Australia. Mod 11 is Master class procedures -16 hours Mod 12 is assessment (written and practical) of Master class procedures.-16 hours. A log book with case studies of 50 clinical hours have to be completed for Master class. A certificate is awarded on satisfactory performance by Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Instructors in India

Farida S. Irani
Farida S. Irani

Senior Instructor and teaching Arm of India as appointed by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. Farida established the Bowen technique in India in 2003. She also has established Bowen in Taiwan and also teaches in Australia. She also runs a successful clinic and a family business called Subtle Energies. Bowtech Ease is her formula which Subtle Energies has manufactured on behalf of the Bowen therapy Academy of Australia.
For details visit www.subtleenergies.com.au

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Khursheed S. Irani
Khursheed S. Irani

Degree in Health Sciences with Acupuncture/Chinese medicine, a clinical Aromatherapist, Ayurveda Aromatherapist, Bowen practitioner since nineties, she is an accredited International Bowen instructor and Director of Training, Quality control for Subtle Energies Pty Ltd, a family business. Travels training highend Spas globally, assisting in developing products/training and Aus. Gov. accredited Diploma of AyurvedaAromatherapy. Runs a successful clinic globally and does voluntary works when in India with Farida.

Freny Palia
Freny Palia

First Indian Bowtech Instructor and practicing since 2003, Freny was trained and appointed by Farida Irani and Bowen therapy academy of Australia as an instructor since 2015. Freny is an excellent Instructor and nurtures her students with great care ensuring they learn the technique as documented by the Bowen therapy Academy of Australia. She runs a successful clinic in Jogeshwari. She also has been volunteering at the Happy Home and school for the blind at Worli with Delna Sanghvi and Kaizeen Palia for the past fifteen years.

82 Malcolm Baug, SV Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai 4000102, Maharashtra
Tejal Bhagat
Tejal Bhagat

Tejal Bhagat came from the financial corporate world till she stumbled upon Bowen in 2008 where her husband was immobilized for a long time with a spinal injury. Bowen therapy resolved his injury and that is where Tejal’s Bowen journey began. She trained in Bowen Therapy with Farida Irani qualifying as a practitioner in 2009. Tejal has been running a successful practice at Bibwewadi and NIBM, Pune and in 2019 has been accredited by the Bowen Therapy Academy of India as an Instructor. She is committed to spread this technique far and wide as much as possible so that more and more people benefit from it. Tejal is the Honorary Treasurer of the Bowen Association of India